3D laser scanning has recently been incorporated with point cloud processing software, which makes laser surveying a method which captures site information more quickly and accurately than ever before.

3D Laser Scanning

Speed: Within minutes, millions of measured data points can be gathered, saving months of work by traditional theodolite methods.

Accuracy: With lasers, the level of human error is dramatically reduced because it automatically records its surroundings. Surveys no longer need to use a target.

No surveyors needed: No surveyors need to be in contact with your equipment. The ‘point cloud’ file creates a three dimensional view, which means a virtual tour replaces a real one.

Safer: Since no surveyors are needed on site to gather measurements, 3D laser surveys significantly reduce risks from slips and trips that surveyors are traditionally exposed to. Even elevated details can be easily scanned from ground level.

Cost-effective: The speed of the process offers you considerable time and cost savings.

Viking Inspection also offer a range of bolt-on applications alongside the 3D laser survey. These include tank analysis, 3D models, facilities management and plant videos. Each bolt-on has been designed to help you identify areas of degradation, corrosion, weakness and cracking, before damage to assets occurs.

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