The Brief

Perform an API 570 inspection on a 10” carbon steel pipeline to detect possible corrosion.

What We Proposed

Initial manual ultrasonic inspection followed by a long range guided wave inspection.

What We Delivered

An API 570 inspection was carried out on a 10” carbon steel pipeline. At the clients’ request, spot checks at clock positions were carried out on each spool with Thickness Measurement Locations (TML’s) recorded.

Results were showing minimal wall loss with the majority of the readings between 8.0mm and 9.0mm. However, one section showed a reading of 3.3mm at 12 o’clock and 7.0mm at 6 o’clock. A manual ultrasonic scan was carried out at this area revealing corrosion between the 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock position along the full length of the spool. The external condition on the pipeline was painted and smooth therefore the corrosion was internal.

A long-range guided wave inspection using Teletest Focus was carried out from this location to quickly conclude the extent of the corrosion. This confirmed and reinforced our results from manual ultrasonics and justified the knowledge and experience of our qualified technicians.