The Brief

Inspect a 10.6m diameter tank to determine if cracks in the tank had occurred due to the corrosive nature of the stored product.

What We Proposed

A Fluorescent magnetic particle inspection to increase visibility to show up potential cracks.

What We Delivered

A Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Inspection was carried out on a 10.6m diameter tank. All internal floor plates, nozzle welds and 1st course shell plates were inspected. The client was particularly concerned about cracks in the tank due to the product stored. Indications produced by wet fluorescent magnetic particles are sharper than dry particle indications formed on similar defects. Visibility is also greatly improved because the eye is drawn to the “glowing” regions in the dark setting.

Small cracks were found in the floor welds and internal nozzle welds. It is possible these defects couldn’t have been found with dry magnetic particle inspection.