Viking Inspection continues to invest in the latest technology with the arrival of the Swift and Scorpion2 dry-coupled, remote-access ultrasonic crawler. This new technology brings major efficiency and data improvements to tank shell inspections and other structures.

Scorpion2 is equipped with the best ultrasonic electronics and software the industry has to offer. With its advanced filtering, the system can inspect materials 4.7–100 mm (3/16 in to 4 in) faster and more accurately than other solutions on the market. The Swift™ software enables unique UT gate processing (such as floating and tracking gates), ensuring correct wall thickness measurements under most circumstances.

The unique, Silverwing dry-coupled ultrasonic wheel probe eliminates the need for couplant or for a constant water supply. The probe is designed as a twin-crystal ultrasonic probe combined with a unique rolling probe face.

It enables the solution to record thickness measurements in the critical heat-affected zone (HAZ), 25 mm (1 in) from a weld cap. The four independent-power magnetic wheels and their treaded tires offer Scorpion2 the ability to easily move over 12.7 mm (1/2 in) bumps and an excellent grip under any condition.

If you are interested in tank inspections and would like a site visit or a demo of our latest inspection technologies then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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